Indonesia Stock Exchange Targets Rp 140 Trillion in SPPA Transactions for 2024


The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is setting its sights on achieving Rp 140 trillion in transactions through the Alternative Market Trading System (SPPA) in 2024. In 2023, SPPA transactions amounted to Rp 139 trillion, involving 33 service users.

Firza Rizqi Putra, Head of the Business Incubation Division at IDX, expressed optimism about reaching the target for 2024. He highlighted the enthusiasm among market participants to utilize SPPA as their preferred trading platform for fixed income securities.

To enhance transaction volumes on the SPPA, Firza outlined strategies involving extensive socialization and discussions with current and potential users. "We will engage in discussions with policymakers to encourage more users to participate in SPPA," he stated. IDX is committed to ensuring that SPPA plays a more strategic role in providing convenience and equality in transactions and reporting.

Firza emphasized the importance of SPPA evolving into a platform that offers greater comfort and equality in transactions and reporting. He stated, "We hope that SPPA's role will become more vital in the future. That may be the strategy moving forward."

SPPA serves as a trading platform for the secondary market of Debt Securities and Sukuk in Indonesia. Provided by IDX as an Alternative Market Operator (PPA), SPPA operates in accordance with the mandate of POJK No. 8/POJK.04/2019 regarding Alternative Market Operators.

The IDX's ambitious target for SPPA transactions reflects its commitment to fostering a robust and efficient fixed-income market in Indonesia, providing investors with diverse and accessible investment opportunities.

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